Publicus Institute – We think it through

The Publicus Institute has been conducting surveys and analysis for corporations, municipalities, public service and government agencies since 2006. Our core value is to never let our research lose its bespoke quality by becoming simply a routine job. We never conduct research purely for the sake of conducting research. Each of our studies supports the preparation, understanding, making and monitoring of high level strategic and policy decisions. We do this by being proficient in fields not only of general research, but also of marketing, management and policy making. We are proud that our experts are not only qualified in market research, marketing and opinion polls, but due to their education, experience and interests, are also able to provide consulting on the implementation of the findings from our research.


The Publicus PA helps our clients to recognise and realise their interests in an ever-changing environment. To reach a significant impact in high-level decision-making processes, being aware of general interest is not enough; the relevant information has to get to the relevant places in a relevant form. Tackling these specific and complicated challenges requires a unique expertise, which includes the ability to provide conscientious and detailed planning, followed by a design of personalised action plans, and concluding in taking specific steps (drafting policy and legislation, conducting impact studies, running communication campaigns, and other PR events, etc.).