Research for municipalities

We at Publicus Institute believe that research and studies should not just be political talking points used for party gains, but should serve as tools that find, highlight, and aim to help solve deeper social issues. However, research by amateurs does more harm than good, as their results are misleading and often worthless. We find that the successful municipality leaders are those who recognise and stay away from the latter.

No successful municipality can allow itself to join the somewhat national trend of investing all its intellectual capacity in quickly shifting shallow communication campaigns, which in the long term lead to political stagnation. Instead, long term political success can be achieved through a deep understanding of issues.

Our main fields of study:
-Local media, communications of the municipality
-Mapping factors affecting municipality dynamics
-Evaluation of specific policy issues
-Evaluation and goal oriented optimisation of budget, and development- investment plans
-Organising, analysing and evaluating public services (e.g. social mapping)
-Mapping and improving networks with NGOs

Our research methods

Publicus Institute always decides on the research methods used in specific studies through close cooperation with the client. We often recommend and apply a combination of diverse methods after evaluating the analytical and monitoring needs of the case. When we do this, we put an increased importance on the client understanding and supporting our approach, as they are the ones approving the final form of the methods we use.

To find out more, get in touch with us, and we will get back to you as soon as possible!