Public service providers

Democracies of the 21st century place a high emphasis on creating a political community for their citizens, one that is based on a transparent shared division of responsibility. By developing legislation, policy and improving public institutions, they raise the standards of citizens’ lives. Three decades after the regime change in Hungary, building such a connection between public institutions and citizens cannot be put off any further.

Any service run by the government or the state is a public service, which everyone must be able to access on equal terms and in equal quality. Any municipality or municipality branch has to have the clear message towards its citizens that municipalities and the state are services by the original meaning of the word: they solve common issues with taxpayer money.

Waiting for the slow but inevitable legislative pressure towards innovation is something that is not worth doing for any municipality. The earlier a municipality sets up its clear commitments, tracks the quality of its services and develops a monitoring system, the earlier it can change to a cheaper and more effective way of operating.

For effective operation and development of public services that are fit for the 21st century, a system of complex goals must be set out and realised. This cannot happen without establishing the appropriate quality standards for the services provided, or without having a constant quality control of governmental services at the same time as facilitating the inclusion of workers and recipients of the provided services.

To reach these goals, Publicus Institute, with its internationally recognised method,  sets up an integrated system of all the standards and feedbacks of the public service providers in the municipality’s jurisdiction, therefore optimising their operation both in terms of cost and effectiveness.  For the sustainable development of the quality of the services, we also find the further monitoring of these standards important.

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