Our research

Instead of multiple pieces of fragmented studies, the actors of our economy and society need a holistic, expert-led approach towards integrated and sustainable research methods. A combination of cutting-edge research methods is needed, tailored to the individual requirements of clients and the specifics of their case. Those corporations and companies that have their own branches of experts who can coordinate such research gain a huge advantage. However, most institutions and economic actors cannot afford their own research departments and therefore need external help.

Our services, which encompass every relevant step from the design and conducting of research, to presenting the findings and mapping follow-up steps, enable these actors to compete with their wealthier rivals. Our network of experts is of course also available for implementing selected specific steps of this method.

Publicus Institute always decides on the research methods used through close cooperation with the client. We often recommend and apply a combination of diverse methods after evaluating the analytical and monitoring needs of the case. When we do this, we put an increased importance on the client understanding and supporting our approach, as they are the ones approving final form of the methods we use.