Market research

Publicus Institute offers market actors a full-scale market, marketing, and public opinion polling package, by which they can also improve their relations with other corporations (B2B) as well as consumers (B2C) to make their activity as effective as possible. We also conduct labour research and industrial research in numerous fields for our clients. We help corporations leading in corporate social responsibility (CSR) by analysing potential areas of improvement, and monitoring of programs from start to finish.

Whatever the field and type of study is, we can guarantee the following:

1. We never view any piece of research as a routine job, but rather a unique challenge with specific requirements.

2. We always conduct constant and clear communication with the representatives of our clients and prize our research on being understandable and transparent.

3. We always tailor our research methods (or their combinations) to our clients’ needs.

4. The design of the study structure, the data collection, the analysis and presentation are all done with a very high emphasis on detail and quality.

5. We aim to become the reliable and accurate tool that our clients need for finding the right solutions to whatever challenges they face. To find out more, get in touch with us, and we will get back to you as soon as possible!